Thursday, May 11, 2006


Thanks to the blogs of John K and Duck Dodgers, i've been really inspired to draw the last couple weeks. I've really been inspired partially due to how awesome it looks when you copy a great still from an old animated cartoon and the feeling of the still is at least noticable in your work. The following is a bunch of drawings of classic animation from screen capture stills and at least one old model sheet.

This is the second page of drawings i did based off a bunch of captures on Duck Dodger's site. As you can see by the drawing on the right, i'm starting to get the feeling of movement down in my work.

I'm starting to get the hang of it a little more here. I'm quite proud of these drawings. The only thing really annoying me is i couldn't get his left foot to look correct as he was running away :/

I've never actually drawn animals much. That's another reason drawing screen caps from old cartoons is so enthralling to me. The characters are all animals. The horse came out well in my opinion. I like goofy characters.

Not too happy with this page. The only thing i think i got halfway right was Jerry's posing while sneaking. Still, you gotta try to find out what you did wrong.

I wanted to draw Bugs. I loved this still but the drawing isn't exactly flattering... or well done. Onto the next one!

Another one i'm happy with. I love that just by the action and expression, you can tell how these two characters interact. The wiseass and the stupid one.

Last but not least, another Bugs. One that is modelled a little better than my last attempt. I like any drawing from the back since i've hardly drawn characters like that.

Well that's the last week and a half of classic cartoons. I got a couple modern cartoon sketches i'll show off soon. I hope my scanner doesn't die. I've been working it hard today.


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