Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heckling Hare construction drawing

Much thanks to John K for his instructive videos on the finer points of construction while drawing freeze frames of good cartoons. Here's my attempt.

Even before any critique, i notice a few places i went wrong. For starters, i didn't get the angles of the base shapes for the dog correct. Also on both Bugs and the dog, the tufts of hair gave me a lot of trouble. The wrinkles i feel are so so. They follow the forms to a degree. Perhaps they might have looked better if i had drawn larger. I probably should have drawn Bugs and the Dog on separate pieces of paper to really let the construction lesson sink in. I might do that after i get this damn uni assignment out of the way. I wanted to draw the framing of the two, but that didn't necessarily work out as expected either. Ah well, not a bad attempt for the first real drawing i've done in months. =/


Blogger Joshua Marchant (Scrawnycartoons) said...

Not bad Dave! I love seeing other cartoonist student practices

6:37 PM  

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